Have you considered roller shutters for your garage?

Roller shutter garage doors are available from Qualfit, providing quality products with many benefits for our customers in and around Worcester, Malvern, Evesham, Pershore, and Droitwich.

If you want a garage door solution that takes up a minimum of space and needs no extra room for opening and closing, then roller shutters could be what you need. Advantages include:

  • Space saving design makes shutters ideal for garages with taller vehicles, such as a 4×4,
  • Frames for the shutters can be fitted behind the entrance, meaning no reduction of drive through width,
  • Space inside the garage can be maximised because there is no need to accommodate door or operating mechanism on inside walls or the ceiling,
  • Easy to use, especially on drives where space is tight, due to the straight up and down operation of the shutter.

Security features

Rollers shutters are an excellent choice if security is your key priority as they offer a robust way to protect your belongings, especially when combined with a high-spec locking mechanism from Qualfit.

We only stock products from trusted manufacturers, and our roller shutter garage doors are designed with insulation built into the construction, a feature that ensures they perform as well as a more traditional up and over garage door.

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